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My Story

My story really begins long before I even was a follower of Jesus Christ so allow me to walk you through it. While I was growing up, in a predominately Latin catholic household I had been exposed to very little spirituality and a lot of religion. My parents selected that I, the youngest of three would be the one to go to catholic schools to be afforded a better opportunity than my siblings had growing up in the public school system. While I can attribute my knowledge of the bible and foundational Christian principles from having attended a catholic high school and subsequently a catholic university, I would say that I knew nothing about having a relationship with God. 


My early young adult years and thereafter I had a really complex perspective of religion and thus an even more complex relationship with God, at one point tilting myself as agnostic and writing off the idea of the church completely. In the summer of 2015 I was visiting a church in New Jersey and I had my first experience with Jesus Christ. It was quite personal and intimate and I remember after that just knowing that Jesus was the one keeping me all along. 


My spiritual journey to ultimately give my life to Christ was not a linear one. Many times I would start the path to devoting my life to the Lord and as many times as I started, I failed. I made terrible choices as a young woman including the relationships I chose to be a part of. One of those relationships in the end turned out to be the very reason I faced death and finally redemption in Christ, 


In November of 2018 I became a domestic violence survivor after a grave attack on my life. The months that past after that were dark and I was lost. I was living in constant fear and in shame, shame that I had even gotten involved in a situation as such. Nonetheless, I sought the Lord...even on the days that I didn’t feel like it. As time went on it was easier to be at church and talk to God, but it wasn’t until June of 2019 that my walk with God kicked into gear, I gave my life to him and shortly after that I was baptized in November of 2019. 


Since then the Lord has been working in me in so many ways, one of them being The Good News Podcast. The podcast is the beginning of a ministry designed to inspire others, who may or may not be walking with the Lord to surrender their life to Jesus Christ. The Bible says in revelation 12:11 that we will overcome the enemy by the blood of Jesus but also by the word of our testimony. So I believe now more than ever that we need to share the experiences in our life that demonstrate the power of God. 


"I don't believe in coincidences, only Divine Appointments!"

My Mission

I am a podcast host, a spiritual coach and an emotional first aid provider. I understand what its like to have a broken spirit and how much our souls and emotions are connected so my affinity is drawing people nearer to Christ through encouragement and inspiration. With these means I strive to bring people closer to God daily in conjunction with serving God. 

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